25 Apr 2018

International Girl in ITC Day

We’re dedicated to creating gender parity in the ICT industry, and at Vertis Technology. The more diverse and inclusive our people are, the more innovative and visionary we will be as a company. http://www.unwomen.org/en/news/stories/2018/4/compilation-international-girls-in-ict-day-2018   &n...
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06 Jul 2017

Response To Ransomware

The rapid pace of this new Petya ransomware attack points at another worm that can spread from computer to computer by itself. Many commentators think WannaCry came from hackers in Russia, perhaps as an experiment that escaped early. Therefore it’s not too surprising that Ukraine’s critical nati...
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05 Jun 2017

Are you phishing for trouble?

Phishing is a form of online identity theft in which fraudsters trick internet users into submitting personal information to illegitimate websites. Phishing scams are usually presented in the form of spam or pop-ups and are often difficult to detect. Once the fraudsters obtain your personal informat...
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